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Infant Program

The Today's Child Infant Program offers a warm and nurturing childcare environment in which children are read to, gently spoken to and rocked in loving arms.
The materials in the infant room are chosen to help your child develop cognitive, language, perceptual-motor, physical and social skills.
Even at this early age, the program is designed to encourage future success, helping your child in:
  • Learning about themselves and others
  • Experiencing their feelings
  • Communicating
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Acquiring thinking skills
Each day you will receive a written report detailing your baby's eating, diapering and sleeping routines as well as special remarks from your child's educator.
Each month's activities are based on an overall theme and detailed lesson plans on each theme are created by the classroom's lead teacher. 
Today's Child provides formula plus baby food as part of our meal program.
Parents are responsible for providing clean sheets and a blanket for their child's crib each Monday morning. In addition to sheets, parents provide diapers, baby wipes, a complete change of clothing and bibs.
Parents will be asked to provide the baby's specific schedule for formula, food and sleeping in writing upon enrollment.